Nostalgic Musings

They used to sell these at the old "Termite Palace" in paper bags!
They used to sell these at the old “Termite Palace” in paper bags!

Remember when they sold boiled peanuts at the old termite palace in Moilili?   In 1957,   I even saw Elvis  swivel in his gold suit  while hoards of girls tried to climb the protective chain link fence to get a piece of him. 

And once, when I sat in the west end bleachers at an Islander baseball game, someone set trash on fire right below us.   There were also stock car races, one of the old State Fairs (can’t recall which – 48th or 49th state fair?), numerous carnivals, high school football games, concerts, etc.  Chunky’s Drive Inn was across the street with the best roast pork sandwiches, teri plates and curry stew. 

1 Response to Nostalgic Musings

  1. Paul Herbert says:

    I loved those peanuts.I remember the wrestling matches on King St.,almost got crushed in the rails when open door stampede began.of course the Punahou Fair was always fun.

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