I’ve had these strange occurrences for the past year or two.  Whenever I happen to glance at the digital clock on the cable box, or my oven door, or my clock radio, the following readout is on display:

1:11 or 11:11

So what the hey is going on??  Occasional forays into the google search engine have revealed quite a few sites addressing this very same phenomenon, much to my amazement.  I have spent many late evenings scrolling through these thoughtfully built websites, and have found that some of them are eery; a few are just plain out there.   http://www.1111spiritguardians.com/



and even wikipedia!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11:11_(numerology)

I emailed Uri Geller – the guy who bends spoons with his mind – and related my spooky 11:11 experiences over the past year or so.  He actually emailed back and thanked me for writing about my episodes.  Uri has several articles on his website about the synchronicity of those numbers and what they could mean to all of us.  It can’t just be coincidence that thousands of people are experiencing the same anomaly worldwide, can it? 

Many sites claim that the number 11 signifies an open door to otherworldly spiritualism.  Supposedly, those experiencing the “11” syndrome are the chosen few that hold answers that will lead our world out of the coming “dust” and into a better future. 

I have also read about references to the bible – specifically the Book of Revelations, or the coming ‘end of times’.    Pondering various apocalyptic scenarios everytime I catch 11:11 on the cablebox readout causes distress and apprehension on my part, especially given my basic pessimistic persuasion.  I was raised in the Roman Catholic church’s  strict faith and beliefs of the 1950’s, and as a young girl questioned a few of those beliefs.  The nuns could never give me a satisfactory answer – at least one that my young brain could accept as reasonable.  Nevertheless, I still consider myself a Christian and a very spiritual person, however I rarely attend church on Sundays, haven’t been to confession in years, and am now basically a Catholic expat who will someday write a lengthy spill about my years in an all girl’s convent.  (I’m trying to inject a bit of humor here).

Despite all of this reveal, whenever I peruse the Book of Revelations, listen to lecture or watch related programs on the History Channel, I try to relate various theories to my growing sense of foreboding – and lately to the “11:11” experience. 

Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Why do events such as the 11:11 coincidences happen to so many at the same time?  Is there a message in this, and how do we find it?  Are those sharing in this simultaneousness also of like mind in our purpose?

 I believe that everyone should be entitled to have his or her own belief  in whatever or whomever helps them connect with their sole purpose of being here – which I believe is to find and develop your gifts in order to use them to the best of your ability in order to be happy, help others to do the same, and live peacefully and in harmony with nature.  

       …and meanwhile, here’s something fun  for ya to chew on:

take the last 2 digits of your birth year, and add them to the age you are turning this year!  (eg:  birth year = 1949, age this year = 62.  49 +62=111)


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born and raised in Hawaii with short stints traveling to and living in other locales.
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3 Responses to 1:11:11

  1. Just read this, very interesting. I’ve written about this subject tonight because I experience the 11:11 thing too and have done for years. I liked the bit at the end regarding adding your date of birth to your age this year etc, very strange!

  2. julian says:

    Ha! I just found and commented over at The Inspiring One’s blog. [Hi! Inspiring Onewave, wave wave]

    The same thing has been happening to me for sometime, too. Thanks for the links.

  3. Mei Cook says:

    Loved this Posting, me too, the 1.11.11 has been happening to me also for at least 1 year, it has to mean some thing, or just coincendence ??? I sincerely hope it is a positive message. Thanks.

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